Monday, January 24, 2011

Car Cars

Hello all,
 Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.
I made these cute invitations for my nephews second birthday in a month.He calls Cars Car Cars. I got the idea from Joy, Christmas with the Cricut on YOUTUBE. So, THANK YOU JOY. I changed the measurements to fit my own dimensions.

I used the Cricut Expression Cars cart, along with my SCAL (sure cuts a lot ).
The black base of the car and its red body were cut at 2 1/4' on the crucut
the small details such as the white windows, the yellow flame, orange number, brown rim, and red inside of the car were all cut at 2 1/4' in proportion to the car using the expression features.
The black base of the card was cut at 11X 5 1/2 ' and scored at 1/2', 4.75', and 8'.
The two yellow slider parts were cut at3 1/2' X 5 1/2'

The red and white star were cut at 2' using SCAL basic shape file
The wording Kennedy 2nd Birthday was cut at 2' and welded together with SCAL
The yellow road strips were cut at about 1/2' with scraps from the yellow slider

The red and white dotted ribbon was cut at 11' using a eyelit and CropaDile to hold in place.
White and Blue Kachow was cut at 2 1/2' with the expression and black out feature
I enjoyed making this invite

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  1. Your new blog looks great! I LOVE the way your Cars invitations turned out!