Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love is in the air

Happy Tuesday!!
Yesterday was such a long day at work. Longer for others. I was a little down so I deceided to make a few cards to lift my spirits and make you all smile.

The first card is Ernie and rubber ducky. I thought that it would make the all of us smile and remind us of our childhoods and how simple life was before we became adults and had to start paying bills. (sorry for the not so good pictures but I left my camera at work)

I just think that this is a cute card.
 I used the sesame street cartridge and eat item cut out at 3 1/4 inch. I also made some old school hearts by folding the paper and cutting them out. I used Marthat Stewart glitter to add a little shine!!!
 I used a $1 stamp that I got at Michaels and some Stampin' Up markers to color the inside
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